Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peter And The Wolf

In a galaxy far, far away there lived a boy named Peter. He lived in a cottage on a dessert road. He lived with his Dad. He had three friends named Tweety the bird, a cat named Thunder and a duck named Lightning.
Early one morning Peter went into the dessert road to play with his friends. Peter’s Dad came out of the house. He was angry because Peter had gone on to the road!!!
“What if a wolf had come down the road,” said Anakin his Dad. Soon after Peter had gone inside a hungry wolf did come down the road. The duck ran away but the wolf caught the duck.
Then Peter’s Dad’s master Obi-Wan-Konobi came. Peter grabbed his rope. He caught the wolf. The two men, Anakin and Obi-wan-Konobi pulled their light sabers and followed Peter. They took the wolf to the zoo.
They lived happily ever after because the road was safe to play on again.


Plessius family said...

Hi Karl,
What a cool story! I can see that you have been influenced by Star Wars in your own writing. I like the way you named each character. I also like the way you used emotions in the story, for example when the dad was angry.
Your mum

Trisha said...

I loved the story-it was great, just what Nana needs when the ground is still shaking here in Christchurch.
See you in the school holidays,
Love Nana

Uggie said...

Hi Karl
I really enjoyed reading your fantastic story. You use descriptive language that makes your story interesting to read.
Keep writing your stories, you could be an author!
Love Uggie xxx