Friday, May 14, 2010

Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day I wrote a letter to my Mum. I made a card for my Mum. I said, “Have a lovely day.”

Letter to Mrs Boyer

Dear Mrs Boyer

I would like to be a Healthy Leader because I know how to talk to people. I know how to work together with others. I’ve got great ideas and I am helpful to people. I am respectful to people. I know how to listen.



Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday it was ANZAC Day. I marched in the ANZAC parade.

There was an Air Force man. He told everyone what to do. He was wearing his Air Force uniform. He had his sword in his hand. He was behind the police car.

I was happy. It was fun. I marched with my Kea peer group at St Heliers. I was remembering the soldiers who went to war and never came back and those who came back. I saw a soldier. He pulled his gun out. He had his sunhat on. He fired his gun. He looked for a place where he could fire his gun.

The peacekeepers came. They were in their army uniform too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life Caravan

In the Life Caravan we learnt about our bodies. After that we watched a movie. I loved it.

We need oxygen to breathe. Oxygen makes us live. We learnt that our bodies need air.


Adopt a Stream

Don’t put the paint in the drain because animals will die in the sea.


The Makeover Day

I like the bouncy castle. It was cool and I was playing with Sam. Me and Sam were playing on the bouncy castle.

I went to have my face painted.


The Makeover Day

My Mum and I went to the Makeover Day. It was fun. First I went on the bouncy castle with the slide. Levi came too. Next we went to the Gladiator Pit. We challenged each other. I won. We had another turn. I won again. Then we went on the other bouncy castle. We jumped high and we climbed on it. I jumped off.

Then I looked at the builders. The builders were building the park.

Nathan H