Thursday, October 28, 2010

Peter and the Wolf

In a galaxy far, far away there was a boy called Peter. He lived in a little cottage.

In the morning Peter was playing with his animal friends in the meadow. The cat wanted to eat the bird.

The wolf came out from the tree and chased the duck. No matter how fast the duck ran the wolf ran faster. The wolf caught the duck and ate her alive.

The hunters came out from the meadow and they came with their guns. Peter said to the hunters, ’’don’t shoot.’’

Next they took the wolf to the zoo. At the end of the story they lived happily ever after.

The Cross Country Race

On the cross country day some of the parents come to watch the race. The five years old boys were first to run. I felt good when I came second. I raced against other children.

Cross Country Competition

At the Cross Country competition, the parents came to look at the children running around Glenbrae School. We went around the seniors’ path. After the race Mrs Golder told all the parents who came first, second and third.

It was fun because it was a long way.

The Cross Country Competition

When it was the cross country competition, I was trying to win. I like running all the time because doing some exercises makes me want to learn.

The Folkdance Festival

The children hopped on the bus to go to the ASB Stadium. The first dance was Brown Girl, and the second was the Bird Dance.