Friday, September 10, 2010

Peter And The Wolf

In a galaxy far, far away amongst the stars lived a big boy called Peter. He lived in a cottage near the forest.

Peter wanted to play with his friends. Then a big grey wolf came out.

Next the wolf ate the duck alive. Peter tried to catch the wolf with a rope. Peter told the bird to fly around the wolf’s nose so that he could catch his tail. Peter also wanted to save the bird.

The more the wolf jumped the tighter the rope became.

Everyone was screaming loudly and they were frightened.

“Don’t shoot,” Peter said to the hunters, “you can hear the duck quacking in the wolf’s stomach. Let’s take him to the zoo.”

Peter was happy he saved the bird. Then his dad was happy and excited.

In the end they lived happily ever after.



All things Great and Small said...

I liked reading your story Fraser. What a great idea it was for the bird to fly around the wolf's nose! Did they get the duck out of the wolfs tummy?
Miss Mac

Plessius family said...

Hi Fraser,
What a detailed and exciting interpretation on the clasic story, Peter and the Wolf! I like the way you set the scene for the story right at the start.
I think it was a nice idea not to shoot the wolf, so that the duck could be saved.
Karl's mum