Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Peter And The Wolf

There was a boy named Peter. Peter lived in a cottage house.

In the morning Peter walked out in to the meadow. He left the gate opened. His friend the duck wanted a swim. So while she was in the pond the duck saw a wolf. The duck and the cat scrambled.

No matter how fast the duck ran the wolf still caught her. Then he ate her.

At a later time Peter trapped the wolf with a rope. But the hunters came.

“Hunters stop shooting with your riffle. I’ve already trapped the wolf,’’ said Peter, “now I will take the wolf to the zoo’’.

They lived happily ever after because they were safe.


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Plessius family said...

Hi Nathan,
I like your interpretation of Peter and the Wolf. Your story has short, sharp, snappy snetences which seem to convey the urgency of the situation, especially for the poor duck.
Well done,
Karl's mum