Thursday, November 24, 2011


Old McDonalds Farm

Last week the Old McDonalds Farm came to visit
Glenbrae School. The visitors were Farmer Crystal,
Farmer James and Farmer Jamie and they came to
the front of our school.
Famer Crystal let Room One feed the baby little
white lamb with a big huge pump bottle and the
baby little lamb drank the milk very fast.
After we fed the baby little white lamb with
milk, Farmer Crystal let us go inside the huge
big silver pen and it had a lot of animals like a
kid, rabbit, goat, calf, pony, lamb, sheep, guinea
pig, duck and chicken.
I patted the kid and it felt nice. I carried the
guinea pig, kid and rabbit. I didn’t want to carry
the chicken because it might scratch me. The rabbit
was nice and warm and I liked it.
I was brave.

1 comment:

Plessius family said...

You have written a long, interesting story, using lots of descriptive words - well done!
Did the guinea pig have lttle claws or nails that could scratch you a little bit?
Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)