Thursday, November 24, 2011


Old Mcdonald’s Farm

Last week we all went to Old Mcdonald’s
Farm. Farmer Crystal, Farmer James and
Farmer Jamie were our teachers.
The animals were in a pen. We patted the
animals and they were soft and warm.
The animals have soft fur.
We carried the animals. The guinea pig
scratched my hand. It has sharp nails.
We all brushed the pony with a brush and
I touched the pony too. The pony was tied
up with a rope on the grass.
The pig and the chicken had hard fur.
We fed the animals with dry grass and hay.
All the animals were soft and warm.


Plessius family said...

Kia ora Shannon,
It must have been fun to hold the different farm animals!
You are right about the chickens not being as soft to touch as a sheep or a goat perhaps, but I think that is because they have long feathers rather than fur.
Tsana (Robin & Karl's mum)

aaliyahna said...

hi shannon i like your story