Friday, December 10, 2010

Room 1 Ning Nang Nong

In Term 3, Room 1 studied musical instruments. We learned about the different sounds percussion instruments make. We then put the sounds with a poem called "Ning Nang Nong" by a famous British poet, Spike Milligan.


Miss Elia said...

Hi Room 1
I loved your poem and the way you played the different musical instruments.
It was fun watching you playing the instruments all over the adventure playground. Good on you.

Plessius family said...

Well done Room 1 children (and camera-woman!),
What a great effort - learning the words of a poem by a fun author, and adding in such a wide variety of instruments.
I really enjoyed watching your video!
Tsana (Karl's mum)

Manuae Tauola said...

Hi Room 1 we loved the music and the poem it was cool how you were using diffrent instrement also because you did lots of fun things on the park.

Ms Joyce said...

Great short video. Look forward to next year's one.
Ms Joyce