Monday, May 10, 2010


Yesterday it was ANZAC Day. I marched in the ANZAC parade.

There was an Air Force man. He told everyone what to do. He was wearing his Air Force uniform. He had his sword in his hand. He was behind the police car.

I was happy. It was fun. I marched with my Kea peer group at St Heliers. I was remembering the soldiers who went to war and never came back and those who came back. I saw a soldier. He pulled his gun out. He had his sunhat on. He fired his gun. He looked for a place where he could fire his gun.

The peacekeepers came. They were in their army uniform too.


Plessius Family said...

What a great reflective story about your ANZAC Day Parade with your Kea group, Karl. I especially liked the way you described the Air Force man. Well done. From Mama, Papa & Robin

Marjo said...
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Marjo said...

You are looking really grown up in your Kea uniform Karl and it looks like your standing at attention at the monument.
From Oma and Opa

Uncle Malcolm said...

Nice blog Karl. Your Papa and I took part in lots of ANZAC Parades so it's nice that you are too.

I hope the Army man who fired his gun aimed in a safe direction ;)

Keep up the good work.

Uncle Malcolm.

Trisha Coffin said...

Karl, it was lovely to read your blog. You do very well.
It was lovely to see you and Robin last weekend and I will see you soon for Mama's birthday.

Kerry said...

Hi Karl
We too learnt about ANZAC day. We discovered why the soldiers were sent ANZAC biscuits instead of other types of home baking. Did you know there was a shortage on eggs during the war because the farmers had gone off to fight for NZ?
Come and check out our ANZAC memories
Room 4
Otautau Primary School

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